what does flip have?

to help you developing

these competencies?

3 levels programs designed to build strong foundation as a trainer.
it builds the basic skills and key characters for becoming an excellent trainers.

alpha level

turning an ordinary trainer into an attractive trainer.

beta level

turning an attractive trainer into a resourceful trainer.

delta level

turning a resourceful trainer into a master trainer.

2 levels programs designed to create a buy-in enthusiasm and interactive class for trainers. it contains the basic principles of powerful communication and ways to master the communication process in the class.

alpha level

helping trainer to address common communication mistakes.

beta level

helping trainer to master the principles of understanding implicit content of a message so it can be useful in the communication process in training.

2 levels programs designed to help trainers to be a master designer by acquiring a life-long skills and techniques that will put them ahead of the pack.
it contains the basic principles of creativity, how to develop the positive attitude toward creativity, and how to use creativity for designing training program.

alpha level

trainers will understand the nature of creativity, brain function and works on creativity, and their applications on training programs.

beta level

trainers will develop creative skills so they can be used to improve the training methods to be more effective.



our academy is designed to optimize your talent's performance at work


stress at work

team player

your job


by acquiring these competencies, an individual not only has the capability to accomplish their daily task but also will become talent for the organization.

in the end, talents will help the organization to achieve its goals and make continous improvements.